An (Almost) Painless Extraction

The opening of the hive the other day wasn’t exactly painless.

My business partner Denis wasn’t dressed for the job and got more than his share of stings. I didn’t zip up my bee suit all the way and got a boo boo on my face.

Thank goodness the job of extracting the honey yesterday and today went a lot more smoothly. It’s a sticky job, but somebody’s got to do it.

The honey is absolutely delicious! If there is anyone out there who has not had fresh, unprocessed honey, you have to try some soon. It is so different and so much better than store-bought honey, it is hard to describe.

Next week my new bees will arrive and I will have two hives. I’m trying to find a supplier who still has package bees so I can have a third hive this year.

I love spring and summer!!

13 thoughts on “An (Almost) Painless Extraction

  1. Susan says:

    Congratulations on the expansion of your bee project. Sorry about the boo boo. When I had bronchitis I invested in some gorgeous dark brown honey from a local supplier. I swear I began to improve after the first tablespoon.

  2. amanda says:

    Hi Deborah, I’m glad to discover your site. As a newbee beekeeper, I look forward to reading your posts and gleaning information from them. We learned how to extract honey yesterday in my final beekeeping class and brought some home. It is delicious!!
    FYI, for bees, Jeff Miller with DCHoneybees (the Wash. DC club) has nucleus colonies available if you are interested. I’m getting mine from him in a few weeks. His email is


  3. Your honey looks absolutely divine – like something out of an illustrated Winnie the Pooh children’s book. Golden and rich, what did it taste like? The honey from my first hive was citrusy whereas mine and Emily’s bees made honey last year that tasted light and floral.

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