Have Any Questions About Fortnum’s Bees?

I’m taking a tour of the amazing beehives on the roof of Fortnum & Mason on Friday, June 22.  I’m so excited!

Fortnum’s is also giving me the opportunity to submit questions about their bees in advance of my tour.  I’m going to post the answers along with lots of pictures of the hives themselves.

I want to make sure that I ask all of the questions that you, my gentle readers, would like answered.

So… I’m humbly requesting that you send me your burning questions via comments on this post or via my email, ddelong@ddlconsulting.com.

Remember, there are no silly questions!  There’s only me being too obtuse to think of all the cool things that could be asked!!

Looking forward to receiving all your clever and brilliant inquiries!!


23 thoughts on “Have Any Questions About Fortnum’s Bees?

  1. Do they have the European honey bee?

    • Yes, they have Carniolans, which are a variety of Italian bees.

    • I told you I was obtuse!! That’s a good question. Exactly what kind of bees do they have, and why/how did they select that variety? Did they change from their original selection?
      Great questions! Those are going on my list!!

      • let us know what you find out. Ask them if you will, if they have the same mold problems and or the virus that is killing ours here. Thanks. I used to have some hives when I ranched but the county Ag guy made me burn my hives due to killer mold. I felt bad for my bees. They knew me and never stung me unless I forgot and stood in front of their runway/opening. My bad then 🙂

  2. bigsmileu1 says:

    If the hives are on the rooftops and in the city, how do the bees collect pollen without much of a core source of vegetation? Also, with such close quarters, do the bees mind the proximity of their other neighbors? 🙂

  3. Emily Heath says:

    Thanks Deborah for giving us this opportunity, it’s very kind!

    My questions would be: 1) do they put mouseguards over those fancy entrances in winter? 2) what varroa treatments do they use? 3) do they put insulation in the hives on that windy rooftop?

    But these are a lot of questions, and you must have a lot of your own, so please don’t feel obliged to put all of them forward!

  4. oceannah says:

    Aside from the current hypothesis about CCD being related to pesticide use what, if anything, do they do to attempt to prevent it? Some very stylish hives, boy, talk about country bee, city bee 😉

    • Good question! I’ll add it to the list…
      xo Deb

    • Emily Heath says:

      You might be interested to know that CCD is not officially recognised as an problem in the UK, our team of National Bee Inspectors has not found any evidence that it occurs in British colonies. Varroa is believed to be the biggest killer of colonies here, the viruses the mites help transmit are really weakening our bees.

  5. Such pretty hives. I am wondering if they use a queen excluder? And how do they wrap the hives for winter?

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  7. Wow, that is amazing, Deborah. I’d be interested to know if they have to do anything particularly different for rooftop hives and where the bees go to forage from the roofs.

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