Fortunately For The US, I Didn’t Create Problems With Finland…

Unwittingly, I chatted up Jyri Häkämies, the Minister for Economic Affairs from Finland, in my hotel bar during the big football match last Sunday night.

Thankfully, I did not create an International Incident.  The Minister’s response…

Dear Deborah,

It was really nice talking with you last night. You have a excellent humour and straightforward attitude which I appreciate.

All the best to you. Keep your style. I love it.



4 thoughts on “Fortunately For The US, I Didn’t Create Problems With Finland…

  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    wow you did leave an impression good for you!!!!!

  2. bigsmileu1 says:

    Maybe they will invite you to see the bees in Finland. Heck, it looks like you fared better than most of our diplomats, maybe we should recruit you. Way to go Deborah! 🙂

    • I would love to receive an invitation to see the Finnish bees!! I’m not sure how I would fare as a diplomat though… That would require me to have an agenda, which I don’t, at least most of the time. It makes life so much more fun!! 🙂

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