Rudolf Steiner And The Bees

Deutsch: Rudolf Steiner im Jahre 1900 (Angabe ...

Deutsch: Rudolf Steiner im Jahre 1900 (Angabe siehe Quelle) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), was a highly trained scientist and respected philosopher. Long before many of his contemporaries, Steiner came to the conclusion that western civilization would increasingly bring destruction to itself and the earth if it did not begin to incorporate an objective understanding of the spiritual world and its interrelationship with the physical world.

Steiner’s spiritual scientific methods and insights have given birth to practical holistic innovations in many fields including education, banking, medicine, psychology, the arts and, not least, agriculture.

In 1923, Steiner predicted that if humanity continued to cultivate the honeybees by artificial means, we would, within eighty years, witness the mass disappearance of the bees.  He warned against both meddling with the natural process of hive society and artificially manipulation of queen bees.

Since then, mankind has developed a wealth of artificial means to interfere with the natural activities of bees.  And the bees are disappearing.

Perhaps Steiner was right that beekeepers should acquire a metaphysical understanding of bees and the complex masterpiece of the hive.

Mystery lives in the hive, and within the golden elixir that is honey, mystery we have yet to, or may never, discover.

Spiritual ecology holds that the first step in addressing an issue pertaining to the realm of nature is to deepen our understanding of the overall synergy of the particular eco-community in question.

Maybe then we will be able to save the bees.

One thought on “Rudolf Steiner And The Bees

  1. alarik says:

    I love your attention on bees and their lives. A note of caution from ancient ayurveda, that cooked honey is considered highly toxic to consume…you might discuss this issue with respected vaidyas to understand more. One more reason why raw honey is preferred. A good place to start is
    enjoy and the bees in the yard thank you

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