Honey Garlic Grilled Eggplant

What makes this recipe so good is the honey-garlic marinade. You won’t really taste the honey, but it helps the eggplant caramelize on the grill. The results are musky and succulent.

Honey Garlic Grilled Eggplant

Note: Aleppo chili that this recipe calls for is available in Middle Eastern markets. It’s not spicy at all, but sweet and musky. If you don’t have it, substitute it with a pinch of Spanish smoked paprika, or skip it all together.

Serves 2

1 eggplant (2 if using small Italian eggplants)
1 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 mashed garlic cloves
1 tsp aleppo chili (optional)
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper

  1. Peel stripes of skin off the eggplant to create a zebra like pattern of skin and no-skin. This is not only decorative, but makes the skin easier to bite. Slice eggplant into ½ inch thick circles.
  2. Lay out a large sheet of paper towels. Sprinkle eggplant generously with salt on both sides and lay out on paper towels. The eggplant will release a lot of liquid. This will help get rid of bitterness (if any) and make the eggplant more succulent and less watery after it’s cooked. Let sit for 15 minutes, then dry both sides well with paper towels.
  3. In a large bowl, mix honey, olive oil, garlic, chili, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste. Dunk both sides of each eggplant slice into this marinade.
  4. Preheat the grill or grill pan to high. Grab a wad of paper towel with tongs, dip it in oil, and brush it on the grill.
  5. Place the eggplant slices on the grill, cover, and turn down the heat to medium. Grill until marked, about 3 minutes. Turn 90 degrees to make cross-hatch grill marks. Grill until marked, about 3 more minutes.
  6. Brush the slices with remaining marinade, flip and repeat the grilling procedure on the other side. Regulate heat so that the eggplant is browning, but not burning. Remove to a plate, and drizzle with olive oil.

6 thoughts on “Honey Garlic Grilled Eggplant

  1. Mmh my kind of dish, sounds and looks fantastic. And I would probably have it al to myself, the boyfriend is not such a big fan of sweet veggies! Thanks for this great recipe.

  2. Oh, my; I adore eggplant in the first place. Must try.

  3. […] Recipe Suggestions: see these and others cataloged on our Recipe Page Primavera Sauce – We have been loving a combination of vegetables similar to this primavera recipe involving carrot, parsley, basil, pepper, tomato, eggplant, garlic…It tastes like summer and is great on top of pasta or any grain of your choice. Chard – We haven’t included this beauty very much in the Farm Share this year, but it is a favorite of ours. Slice it ribbon-thin for a raw salad and top it with goat cheese or feta and a honey-balsamic dressing. Or slice it into 1-inch-wide strips and steam it oh-so-lightly and serve with eggs. Or saute up onions and garlic and add strips of chard until soft. They are vibrantly colored, sweet, and delicious! Beets – We always say roast them, or pan-cook them and serve with goat cheese/feta, walnuts, raisins, and our standard honey-balsamic dressing. But if you need to eat beets differently than we do, try these: Roasted Beets and Tomato Salad, or Lemony Beet Hummus Sweet Peppers – They get served here most often chopped up with tomatoes and tossed with olive oil, salt, and garlic. Or simply sliced and dipped in hummus or any dip. But we try to save some for the primavera sauce above, or roasted and as a topping for tacos/burritos. Eggplant – This summer beauty is the one garden product that is really hard to eat raw. It is delicious so many ways: In a primavera sauce as mentioned above, or simply cubed and saute with oil and salt and garlic. Or slice into half-inch thick slices and roast, or grill after a honey marinade. […]

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